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Project 11 Squares Box


Based on the first squared rectangle, discovered by Z. Moron in 1909. Box is 33" x 32" and exactly contains squares of sides 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 and 18.

Maple plywood case with mitered corners and solid maple facing. Smaller squares (up to 10") are baltic birch drawers on runners. Larger squares are cupboards. 1" square is ebony. Solid maple, cherry and purpleheart doors and drawer fronts with shop-made ebony pulls. Solid maple base with mortise and tenon joints. Baltic birch inner frame with biscuit joints. Figured maple top. Lindseed oil and wax finish.

See Ian Stewart's book Math Hysteria for more information on squared squares and squared rectangles. The website squaring.net contains a massive amount of information on squared squares and rectangles. Bob Mackay built a squared square based on Duijvestijn's 21, 112x112 simple perfect squared square. See his pictures Full, Open, and Close-up.

May 2007 to February 2008

Frame and case under construction.


The interior dividers prior to assembly.

(c) 2007 Stephen Mildenhall