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Version Log

July 1, 2003 Version 1.0 Released
July 3, 2003 Added abbreviations and let commands
Added light n1 n2... to turn lights explicitly on or off
Added text labels, with position, text and size subkeywords
July 4, 2003 Added 3d option to text labels
July 7, 2003 Added modelview option to capture the current model position.
July 13, 2003 Added get/set modelview matrix commands to Add-In menu bar
Graphics windows as controlled window on mouse click
Implemented colored material (color keyword) for xyzplots and lollipop plots
July 14, 2003 Fixed bug with print and save functions so lighting works correctly
Changed bmp, tiff etc. to abbreviations to avoid spurious find-file error
Added insert image button to menu bar
July 27, 2003 Added image2fvm, imagesize, and smooth functions to create surfaces out of bitmaps.
Corrected bugs in cd.
July 28, 2003 Corrected bug in lightpos.
July 31, 2003 Corrected bug in arg all delete. Added "shape from shade" support, per Kushner and Dupuis algorithm, see sfs and sfsbase.
August 9, 2003 Added support to display RGB values in a colormap. Added option to save as a BMP with two colormaps.