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The images below were produced using VarView. Where shown, the script will work on your machine if you have installed the software. Note that the command handler cannot deal with line breaks in a command.

Potpourri of different methods available in VarView: texture mapped surface, wire frame surface, and wire frame xyzplot..

Script 1, a textured surface plot

Surface with a colormap, an outline and xyz axes. See cm option.
A lollipop plot: 3d scatter plot with lines connecting each point to the z=0 plane.
A 3d scatter plot, see xyzplot. User can control position, color, size and opacity of each ball.
Script 2: surface with outline, xyz axes and axis labels, see label.
Script 3: four actors with different colormaps. Position is controlled using the x and y options.
A surface plot with a 3d scatter plot. Surface plot is colored using a a colormap. The color of the balls in the xyz plot are controlled separately.


Script 1 > surface f peaks tex2 green
> @gg
Script 2 > surface f peaks @outline xyz 2 2 2
> color bg @white
> @xl @yl @zl
Script 3 > surface f peaks x -2 0 y -2 0 cm spring 100 color outline -2 2 -2 2 -2 2
> add surface f peaks x -2 0 y 0 2 cm summer 100 color
> add surface f peaks x 0 2 y 0 2 cm winter 100 color
> add surface f peaks x 0 2 y -2 0 cm fall 100 color
> color bg @white
> @ww


(c) 2004 Stephen Mildenhall