OpenGL Visualization Tool


VarView Visualization Tool: Help and Instructions

Command Summary

3d color help outline stop
abbrev[s] colormap[s] hist path stretch
actors colornames hline plane2 subtitle
add control ht plane2 surface
add cube image planemode swirl
animate debug image plot tex
anno delete image2fvm postion tex2
arg dir imagesize print texoff
b doc[s] kill process[es] text
ba dup la r tile
backfill echo label range title
backline exit ld rebuild trace
basecol f let replace track
bd fa light[]s run ur
bmp fd lightpos save w
bodybrush files linecol savex window
border flat load scale[d] windowpos
bsh font lollipop script woodplan
bsp fontname lpos sfs x
caption fontname lsp sfsbase xyz
cascade fontsize lspotcut size xyzplot
cd footer lspotdir smooth y
clear frontfill lspotexp smooth zoff
client frontline modelmode smooth zscale
cm fsh modelview spew
color fsp more status

Scripts and examples

Type dir %script and dir %work to see a list of built in scripts. For each script try help scriptName to get help and more scriptName to see a listing of the commands in the script. Browsing existing scripts is a good way to understand the command syntax.

Type demo to produce some interesting plots from the built in demo script.

Command Help

command [options]Explanation
3dUse 3d fonts. Default uses flat fonts
abbrev[s] variable expressionDefine a new permanent abbreviation.
actorsDisplay information about actors in the controlled window
add (surface|xyz|...) secondary*Add another actor to the current 3d plot. First argument must be actor type.
add secondaryAdd more actors (allows chaining: surface f abc.fvm add surface rg a1:z100)
animate secondarySetup animation. Last subcommand must be files {fileList}. FileList can be file1 file2 ... filen or file[1..10].fvm which is expanded into file1.fvm, ... file10.fvm. Usual rules apply for finding fvm files
anno (on|off)Turn annotations on or off
arg [argNo|all]Set secondary options of argument n, or all arguments
b bmpFileNameSpecify input bitmap for ImageView only. The .bmp extension is added automatically.
ba r g bBack ambient color, 255RGB mode
backfillUse fill mode for back facing polygons
backlineUse line mode for front facing polygons
basecol r g b aBackground base color in 1d texture
bd r g bBack diffuse color
bmp fileNameSave controlled window as a bitmap
bodybrushAdd a body brush argument and make it current
border (0|width)Set the border width. 0 turns border off.
bsh r g bBack shininess
bsp r g bBack specular color
caption (on|off)Turns caption on/off; when off converts to full screen mode.
cascadeCascade all child windows in top left corner and resize to 400x400
cd dirNameChange the current (scratch) directory to dirName. See also path.
clearClear contents of command window text box
client [this] (on|off)Turns client edge of controlled window or this on or off
cm (name numCols|custom numColors customSpec)Specify colormap. Type colormaps for a list of colormap names. Type democolors for samples of each. E.g. cm winter 100 makes a colormap based on winter with 100 colors. customSpec is red phase, x0, m, plat, green..., blue.... For example custom 50 0 1 -1 1 0 1 -2 1 0 1 -3 1 defines a nice colormap of 50 colors going from white to black through browns
colorColor materials using the colormap. Default is to use a grey material front and back.
color (bg|fg|border)Set indicated color. Use 255 rgb colors
colormap[s] values cmapName numColorsValues lists the actual RGB vaules in the colormap.
colornamesShow all the built in colors. Still under development.
control [winNo]Set the controlled window to number winNo. If no argument, returns the controlled window
cubeCreate a new cube window
debugShow debug information
deleteDeletes arguments. Eg arg 3 delete deletes the third argument; arg all delete deletes all the arguments.
dir [fileName|%script|%work|%texture|%fvm]Directory listing command. The script, work and texture keywords are expanded to the full directory names.
doc[s]Show all objects in the ROT
dupMake a duplicate of the controlled window
echo commandEcho command back to command window with abbreviations expanded
exitKill all child windows and exit. Non-COMCommand window only
f fileNameSpecify fvm file for input. The .fvm extension is automatically added to files in the %fvm directory.
fa r g bFront ambient color, 255RGB mode
fd r g bFront diffuse color
files (f1 f2 ... fn|abc[1..n]xyz)Explicit or implicit list of file names for animiation. Note that the [ ] are part of the keywords. For example anim[1..10].fvm will be expanded to anim1.fvm anim2.fvm ... anim10.fv
flatUse flat shading for polygons
font (winNo|this)Set font for indicated window using the usual dialog box
fontname \"name\"Quoted fontname.
fontname fontNameSets font name of the controlled window (use font this for command window)
fontsize numSet the base fontsize of the controlled window
footer strSet footer text
frontfillUse fill mode for front facing polygons
frontlineUse line mode for front facing polygons
fsh r g bFront shininess
fsp r g bFront specular color
help chars*Lists all currently available commands matching chars. XXXX Later you should add dir functionality. Information return on primary command, secondary commands and then script files. Scripts searched current directory, work directory, and then script directory
histProduce a histogram of the controlled window, NYI
hline numHeight of line in 1d texture
ht numOverall height of texture element in 1d texture
image secondary*Make an image from the input fvm file or range. Can also dispaly existing bitmaps using b option: image b filename. The add command has no effect for an image which only uses its first actor.
image secondary*Make an image from the input fvm file or range. Can also dispaly existing bitmaps using b option.
image2fvm bitmapfilename fvmfilenamePrefixOpens bitmapfilename and maps rgb to hsv. Then saves r, g, b, h, s, v values as height in fvmfilename as FVM files. Adds _red.fvm, ... to the filename prefix.
imagesize imagefilename abbrevSets abbrev equal to aspect friendly dimensions for displaying the result of an image2fvm surface.
kill (winNo*|all)Kill specified window, eg kill 1 2 3, or kill all
la r g b aLight ambient color
label [position x y z] [size sz] [font \"name\"] text \"labelText\"Make a text label actor. The text specification and font name must be quoted. IMPORTANT NOTE: you cannot add label actors when you create a new window. They have to be added in a subsequent call
ld r g b aLight diffuse color
let variable expressionDefine a temporary abbreviation. Valid for life of command handler.
light[]s n1 n2 n3...Turn indicated lights on and remaining lights off.
lightpos n secondarySet light options for light n
linecol r g b aColor of the line in 1d texture
load fileNameLoad commands from file fn. If fn is missing user is prompted for file name
lollipop secondary*As xyzplot, except a line from the sphere to the z=0 plane
lpos x y z tLight position
lsp r g b aLight specular color
lspotcut numSpot light cut off angle
lspotdir x y zSpot light direction
lspotexp numSpot light attenuation factor
modelmode (object|eye)XXXX
modelview (get|set)Get or set the model view matrix. This allows you to set the position of actors. Get option creates a temporary variable called @pos which sets position to the current position. Typing abbrev perm @pos makes pos into a permanent abbreviation with name perm.
more fileNameType filename out to the command window
outline xl xh yl yh zl zhAdd a wireframe around the actor
path [work|script|fvm pathname]*no arg: display current paths; with arg, set appropriate path in registry.
plane2 x y z tSynonym for plane.
plane2 x y z tNormal vector for T component of 2d texture
planemode (object|eye)XXXX
plot (mouse|ball)Plot mouse or ball movements for controlled window
postion x y zSet position of text actor
printPop print dialog to print the controlled window
process[es] bmp procID fileNameMake a bitmap of the address space; save to fileName.
r rangeNameSpecify input range name, no updating
range rangeNameGet the value of range. Eg rangeName = A1, Sheet2!A1, [Book2]Sheet3!$E$39
rebuild (on|off)Turn rebuild (after add's or arg n changes) on or off
replace actorType secondary*Replace all existing actors with new actor. First argument, actorType must be one of surface, xyz, image, lollipop, animate, or bodybrush.
run [wait=50msecs]Sets the animation timer. mode can be uu or ud, uu runs 0...n 0...n; ud runs 0..n..0..n.
save fileNameSave commands entered in file fn.
savex (bmp|jpeg|png|tiff|gif) w h fileNameSave the controlled window, in size w x h, using the indicated file format.
scale[d]Automatically set the zscale parameters so the image ranges from 0 to 1. Useful when using colormaps. Analogous to Matlab imagesc command. Command scaled is a synonym for scale.
script scriptPatterLists all scripts, in current directory, work and script directories which match scriptPattern. Used to help find a script command. Then do help scriptName for more information.
sfs intensityFile v0File h eps maxIter saveNum outFileCreate a shape-from-shade surface from intensity file, starting with shape file v0File (see help sfsbase). Every saveNum of the intermediate files is saved args Defines an abbreviation numsave = [0..numFiles].fvm for use with animate
sfsbase inFile low high base max outfileCreate a starting sfs shape file by mapping intensity range [low high] to base and everything else to max. Save in outfile.
size w h [t l]Set width w and height h. Optionally move the top left to t, l.
smoothUse smooth shading for polygons
smoothSet fontsize for a text actor
smooth InFileName OutFileNameAverage an fvm file over radius x radius blocks
spew (mouse|ball)Trace text coordinates of mouse or ball movements for controlled window
statusNYI, show overall status of application
stopStops the current animation by deleting the timer
stretch (on|off)If on, stretch bitmap to fill window; if off, preserve aspect ratio. Default is to preserve aspect ratio. Images only.
subtitle strSet subtitle text
surface secondary*Produce a surface plot from regularly spaced input
swirl numSpheres Ri Ro Rs [file1 file2...]Amusing spheres swirling around a torus. numSpheres is the number of swirling spheres Ri and Ro are the inside and outside radii of the torus, Rs is the radius of the spheres, file1... are texture files Default values are Ri=Rs=0.5, Ro=1.
texAdd a 1 dimensional texture
tex2 fileNameAdd a 2 dimensional texture. Must supply the texfile filename as first argument. The .bmp extension is added automatically if needed. Texture file must be 32 bit.
texoffDeletes any textures in the current actor. Thus arg 3 texoff removes any textures from the third actor.
text \"actor text\"Set the text in a text actor. Note the quotes!
tileTile all child windows and resize to 400x400
title strSet title text
traceTrace all windows messages
trackMake a tracking duplicate of the controlled window (mouse messages are passed through)
ur rangeNameSynomym for ru
wWireframe mode
windowInformation about active windows. X option gives more information
windowpos top left [width height]Set the new window position. New size is optional. No checking is done to ensure the new values are reasonable.
woodplan secondary*Produces a three dimensional wood working plan made of cuboids
x low highSet range for x axis
xyz x y z Insert an axis (rgb for xyz) of length x, y, and z in each direction; (only one per plot makes sense)
xyzplot secondary*Input (x,y,z,r,c,a) and plot a sphere of radius r at (x,y,z) with color c and opacity a
y low highSet range for y axis
zoff offsetSet offset for z axis
zscale scaleSet scale for z axis (offset + scale * z is what is actually plotted)
(c) 2002 Stephen Mildenhall, Automatically generated from c:\stevebase\projects\components\sj2mgraphics\varview2\commandwindow.cpp, 4/10/2004 4:14:34 PM