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Set (©Copyright Set Enterprises Inc. 2004) is a great card game. It is played with 81 cards each of which has four characteristics: color, shape, shade and number. Each characteristic can take three values. For example, a card can have one, two or three shapes on it. There is one card of each type; 81 = 3^4.

A "set" is any group of three cards where the values for each characteristic are either the same for all three cards or different for all three. The objective of the game is to find sets as quickly as possible from a grid of twelve (or sometimes more) cards. The set trainer web page lays out grids for you to find sets and keeps a track of your performance.


Using the Set Trainer

To layout a new set of twelve cards click Reload

To select a card, click on it. You need to click three different cards to make a set. A list of the clicked cards is shown below the layout (numbered left to right, top to bottom).

If you click a card you have already selected the click is ignored.

To clear your current selection(s) click the Clear button

If you think there are no sets your layout click None. If you are right three more cards will be added (as in the game). If there are sets then their location will be displayed. You can select one of these, but it does not count as a correct selection in your stats.

Your track record is displayed below the buttons.

The Reset Scale button lets you re-size the images. To half their size enter 0.5. To double enter 2.0 etc.



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November 2004 Stephen Mildenhall