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Appendix: Curve Parameters

The public version of this tool comes with a parameter file containing the names, but not the actual parameters, of the common ISO commerical casualty severity distributions. This is for obvious legal reasons. In place of the actual parameters, all the curves in the public distribution are the same, at a curve which would might approximate "Prems Ops 4".

Default Parameter File

The default parameter file is called public.prm. It must be located in the installation directory. The layout of the parameter file is as follows:
Distribution TypeMED = 1
Shifted Lognormal = 3
Pareto = 4
Five Parameter Pareto is not fully supported
NameUpto 20 characters
DescriptionUpto 100 characters
Number of Parameters
Parameter Values

VB Code to Make a Parameter File

Your own parameters can be added to a parameter file using VBA or VB Script code similar to the following.

Sub MakeParamFileWork()
    '' name of parameter file
    Dim g_param as String								
    g_param = "C:\Program Files\myParamFile.prm"
    '' delete existing file:
    If Dir(g_param) <> "" Then
        Kill g_param
    End If
    Dim xx As New ParamFile
    Dim i As Integer
    xx.New g_param
    i = 0
        '' assumes the Active sheet contains a list of Number, Name.
        '' Description, Type, Number of Params
        '' (Mean, Weight) Pairs
        xx.Add Range("A4").Offset(i, 0).Value, _
					Range("d4").Offset(i, 0).Value, _
					Range("b4").Offset(i, 0).Value, _
					Range("b4").Offset(i, 1).Value, _
					Range(Range("f4").Offset(i, 0), _
					Range("f4").Offset(i, Range("e4").Offset(i, 0).Value - 1)).Value
        i = i + 1
    Loop Until Range("A4").Offset(i, 0) = ""
    Set xx = Nothing   
End Sub

Built-In Curves and Parameters

Use Parameter File:     

Individual Parameters

To see the parameters for a particular curve enter its number here and click go.