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GREATools412 Modules and Forms

Updated: 2/8/2003 3:07:04 PM

ThisWorkbook (20 lines of code)
Sheet1 (5 lines of code)
frmQueriesAndCaches (141 lines of code)
frmVTKViewer (601 lines of code)
Form with a VTKViewer, my COM-wrap around the VTK class library. Used to display bivariate distributions, 2 dimensional histograms, catastrophe visualization. Handles printing, save as BMP and save as JPG. Under development: Vol_Viewer method
frmVBSpy (223 lines of code)
modDistributionBlanks (1760 lines of code)
Creates spreadsheet blanks (or templates) which determine curve parameters from mean/cv/etc., and start a table of distribution values. Available for a variety of frequency and severity curves.
modGlobalVariables (164 lines of code)
Contains all global function and variable declarations, including the unique CTask object.
GREAT Manager Version History
  • Feb 8-9, 2003
    1. Added showUnsavedWorkbooks
    2. Added Eigen function, and reference to FastVarMath
    3. Added Image support - produce and display HTML pages, blanks, color bars, set color options etc.
    4. Added updated documenter to work on external website with Unix filenames.
    5. Added
    6. Added
    7. Added
    8. Added
  • Jan 29, 2003 added the row documenter.
  • Jan 26, 2003
    1. added NiceDeAbs, to remove $s from local cells but leave for distant ones.
    2. Added center across selection button.
    3. Removed compare columns.
    4. Added solid block color, vertical lines color, horizontal thick/thin lines color, with toggle color options.
    5. Added swap comment and formula option.
    6. Added clicker support. Combined auditor in with clicker. Auditor class and supporting infra-structure should be deleted when you are sure the new functionality is better!
    7. Moved some formatting options onto MyPerfectMenu
  • Jan 19, 2003 added TeX matrix support.
  • January 2003 (Minor upgrade): Added Texify, to convert a selection into a LaTeX tabular region (and copy to clipboard). Added VTK initialization from Variant (which will be used in other apps which copy frmVTKViewer.
  • Verions 4.12, October 2002 (Minor upgrade): Added formula documenter feature. Upgraded auditor functinoality, including precedents and dependents and rearranged auditor buttons. Print button and whoAmI return UNC mapped file names. List of button images returns on an interactive form, per Micah's code. Added menu items to set SADCo default parameter file, and create GREAT and SCARE documentation from home. Tidied up short-cuts to menus. Added colorize formula and compare range formulas.

    Added Fast Variant Map/Fast Variant Math support.

  • Verions 4.11, September 2002 (Minor upgrade): Improved histogram function (included shifted lognormal fit). Button for bivariate histogram. Functions to name a column of cells from names to left and produce VBA code to extract the values. Support for building covariance matrices. Removed Office97 global variable. Renamed xla to GreatTools to facilitate easier upgrades.
  • Verions 4.10, July 2002 (Minor upgrade): Added line graph, goto common range in all sheets, consolidate strings into cell functions and rationalized some of the menus.
  • Verions 4.00, April 2002 (HUGE upgrade): Added task and project support, genericXML dispatcher for help etc.
  • Version 3.10, April 2002: Added GENMOD regression tool. Completed support for SADCo wrappers (agg dist distribution blank).
  • Version 3.00, March 2002: Added regression tools. Added aggregate loss template.
  • Version 2.50, November 2001
  • Version 2.30, September 30, 2001: Combined Excel 2000 and Excel 97 version. New range functions.
modHistogramFunctions (600 lines of code)
Allows you to create a histogram graph of a column of input numbers. Very useful.
modKRWordCount (49 lines of code)
KR word count and sort implementation, C Programming Language, page 140.
modLayerAndMathFunctions (629 lines of code)
Five Parameter Pareto, lognormal, shifted lognormal, and aggregate distribution moments for layers. This code is somewhat old and not very efficient, but it works and gives the right answer. The FPP code will give you the first 5 moments of any layer (regardless of whether the attachment is above or below the truncation point). It uses a recursive approach which mirrors how you would do the calculation using integration by parts. Somewhat superceded by the SADCo wrapper functions.
Math Functions are a series of wrappers around a DLL of mathematical functions, all taken from Numerical Recipies in C.
modLDFAndVOR (1680 lines of code)
Basic triangle loss development blanks. Code to perform bootstrap confidence intervals from an input triangle. This methodology is explained on in the MALT section of this site.
modSADCoWrappers (509 lines of code)
Contains Excel function wrappers around various SADCo functions
modUtilities (3567 lines of code)
Sets up the user interface menu when the add-in is loaded. Contains many of the more straight-forward call backs.
uCKRTreeNode (24 lines of code)
uCStats (105 lines of code)
frmRegList (119 lines of code)
frmRegSetup (282 lines of code)
modRegression (966 lines of code)
VBA interface into LinAlg COM object for performing various statistical analyses.
uCItem (8 lines of code)
fxtFrmEditWizard (317 lines of code)
frmGenericXML (65 lines of code)
fxtFrmProjectDefWizard (317 lines of code)
fxtModMachineGeneratedCode (93 lines of code)
Machine generated code! This module is re-written each time the menus are re-built. DO NOT EDIT
fxtModMenuController (610 lines of code)
Sets up menu and handles various callbacks for the TPM. Integrates with menu set up in modUtilities.
CGLM (113 lines of code)
CGenericObject (17 lines of code)
CLinReg (94 lines of code)
CLossDevelopment (22 lines of code)
CPrint (49 lines of code)
CTriangleBootstrap (24 lines of code)
fxtCParameter (20 lines of code)
fxtCTasks (562 lines of code)
modDocumenter (404 lines of code)
Routines to build HTML docuementation from comments in VBA projects.
CProject (55 lines of code)
frmDatabaseConstraint (119 lines of code)
frmDatabase (825 lines of code)
modDatabase (520 lines of code)
CdbTableDep (7 lines of code)
CdbTable (282 lines of code)
CdbField (25 lines of code)
CdbConstraint (59 lines of code)
CdbUnqPK (41 lines of code)
modFormulaDocumenter (295 lines of code)
Formula Documenter produces readable versions of cell formulae based on row headings.
CFormula (95 lines of code)
Lexer for Formula Documeter
modFVM (223 lines of code)
Fast Variant Mapping and Fast Variant Math support.
frmOptions (134 lines of code)
modTeX (119 lines of code)
Support for converting Excel tables to TeX.
modClickerAuditor (276 lines of code)
Clicker supports the up and down buttons which can be tied to a cell in the workbook.
CHTMLElement (20 lines of code)
CHTMLElement is an HTML td element
CHTMLImagePlot (241 lines of code)
Handles image plots with axis labels, title and colorbar.
CHTMLRow (25 lines of code)
An HTML tr element.
CHTMLTable (61 lines of code)
An HTML table.
modHTML (447 lines of code)
Various Excel to HTML and other related converters.